Cynthia Moku

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Gestures of Engagement Mural (GEM)

passage iii : mo’olelo

large holographic lenticular print
17×23” (43x58cm) $585

medium holographic lenticular print
11×17” (28x43cm) $345

Each print will come with a signed artist statement.


This holographic print is an excerpted detail from the full 15’ modular triptych, Gestures of Engagement Mural. GEM passage iii : mo’olelo, details the body-art of the two main figures. Along with their natural adornments and the sacred objects they hold before us. Mo’olelo refers to ‘treasured story’. The geometric patterns of the female and male’s body art, speaks to us of ancestral lineage and place. As with chanting, ʻtalking storyʻ is a cherished pillar of knowledge transmission in the Hawaiian tradition.

photo stills of the subtle animation that flows seamlessly as we move before the holographic artwork,
thus coining the phrase ‘depth perception collection’

available also as fine art giclee prints

Cynthia has coined the phrase ‘depth perception’ as a way to describe the direct experience of real-time engagement with the artwork. As we move before the lenticular holographic art piece, a subtle animation occurs. Chosen images appear and dissolve in tandem with our movements.

“By exploring our visual sphere through immersive holographic wall-art, I am interested in the relationship between our present moment direct experience engaging with the painting’s imagery. As we move before the holographic self-initiated animation a fluid effect occurs, becoming a sign mirroring an emerging knowledge of coherence within a universal consciousness.”