Cynthia Moku


Indelible Presence: the way of the brush

Indelible Presence is the name for a collection of primary exercises I have developed using brush, ink and paper –the three sacred elements of Asian calligraphy. These exquisite time-honored tools provide a flawless lens through which we can explore the possibilities of a seamless presence streaming through our lives. In gathering for Indelible Presence brush sessions, the strength of working silently within communal retreats stems from an informed field of awareness held within collective group intention. This provides a foundation through which we can further develop mind-body synchronization, an alert intelligence within the creative process. Using elements of formality, natural beauty, coded meaning, wilderness and ceremony ensures an environment that inspires and stimulates, directly calling forth the muse in us all.

This photo assemblage shows a few examples from over twenty years of Indelible Presence sessions structured within group meditation retreats. The three categories above illustrate the inner and outer framework of the brush performance exercises: selections from my art journals with preparatory notes & sketches, outdoor & indoor environments arranged prior to the brush sessions, and resulting individual & group expressive artworks. These three aspects mark the interactive nature of this brushwork performance as a vessel through which an indelible presence can blossom, freshly and uniquely.

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