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Purchase Guidelines

This page gives you information regarding documentation, printing processes, framing and shipping of all reproductions of original artworks offered through Moku Studios.

Navigating This Site

There are two main menu categories: Gallery Shop and Portfolio.

The Gallery Shop offers select paintings and drawings from the Portfolio that are available in a variety of sizes. It displays original artwork and finest quality reproductions, including giclee prints and lenticular holographic wall-art. With options for framing and in some collections, additional hand-painted gold embellishment.

Portfolio holds selected pieces chosen from a varied array of Cynthia’s artwork including her most recent works. The artist statements below the blocks of artwork displayed, describe the context and process for some of the more extensive bodies of work developed over time.

Announcements will be published of new and current works at the seasonal vernal, estival, autumnal and hibernal points of the calendar year.

Enjoy the journey!

Signature and Copyright

Signature is made to all print reproductions. Copyright of all works, originals and reproductions, remain the legal entitlement of the Artist. Please honor this common entitlement by giving appropriate acknowledgement and attribution to both visual and literary works. Please use the contact form, writing for permission, before distributing any of the visual or literary works on this site.

Artist Statement and Documentation

Original artworks and print reproductions will be accompanied by an Artist Statement. If applicable, Limited Edition Print reproductions will show the series edition and print number along the lower right edge of the print.

Print Processes

Three distinct printing processes are employed in the variety of artwork reproductions offered in the GALLERY SHOP; fine art giclee on 100% rag canvas, digital-press on satin finish 110lb fine quality card-stock, and subtly-animated lenticular effect interlaced on a transparent film, low-flex paperboard surface.

hand-embellished gold

Shell gold embellishment is brilliant genuine 24 karat gold hand-painted onto the print’s surface, modeling the pure gold areas painted in the original artwork. The gold is ground, powdered and suspended in an acacia-gum binding solution. It is hand-painted onto the canvas with a detail brush, outlined in either white or red paint. Glazed in select areas with a jade tip burnishing tool and sealed. As pure gold it will not lose its brilliance. Silver, platinum and copper embellishment are hand-painted in a similar process.

Gold embellishment.
Tools for gold embellishment.

Framed Fine Art Giclee Prints

Moku Studios, in collaboration with Cynthiaʻs personal framers since 2002, Mercury Framing (, is pleased to offer you the choice to have your print framed prior to shipping. The frame options are shown with each print in the Gallery Shop east traditional pages. These premium quality frames are masterfully constructed using only archival materials protecting your print over time. Their profile consists of contemporary style gilded wood outer frame and gilded inner fillet, with an archival silk/linen-wrapped raised mat, and a clear archival document pocket containing an artist statement about the artwork.

Fine art giclee prints available in Gallery Shop

The frame is completed with technically advanced UV-protection no-glare museum plexiglass. Hanging hardware is included making your piece ready to install upon arrival. Note: Silk-mat colour may vary slightly in appearance due to differing computer screen resolutions. For larger print sizes, please send us a message through CONTACT. All unframed prints have generous borders for ease of framing.


Framed Original Drawings

Contemporary style warm silver finish wood frame with UV protection no-glare museum plexiglass and archival document pocket holding Artist statement on dust cover. Hanging hardware is included so your artwork is ready to install.

Original Drawings available in Gallery Shop

8×8″ cards

The card prints have been designed to suit three common Buddhist text formats: square Shambhala text style or trimmed along the edges for rectangular western book style and narrow loose-leaf pecha style.

square text style, trimmed rectangular western book style and pecha style
Each 8x8” card is placed in a gold-dorje stamped envelope .
Card Prints Available in Gallery Shop

Handling and Shipping

8×8”cards and card sets are shipped in firm cardboard envelopes. Fine art giclee prints are shipped rolled in wide diameter sturdy cardboard tri-tubes. 100% rag paper prints are shipped flat in sturdy cardboard. Holographic lenticular prints are cushion wrapped and shipped in sturdy double cardboard flats. All shipping materials are curbside recyclable.

Handling and Shipping fees will be emailed once your order has been received. Moku Studios works with several shippers to keep these fees reasonable and at the best cost for you.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of unframed print orders. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of framed print and original artwork orders.