Cynthia Moku


Sky Dancer

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sumi, pastel, gold on rice paper

explorations in precision & grace

Precision: In Buddhist art, forms that represent enlightened mind/awakened heart are drawn based upon specific proportions that reflect a unity and order in the relationship of parts to the whole. These proportions are drawn as tigse, symbolizing pureness and balance. Here the tigse is indicating the posture of a dancing female wisdom holder, known as a “Sky Dancer” (Dakini, Skt; Khandroma, Tib).

Grace: In Japanese brushstroke, the spontaneous performance of brush&ink meeting paper has the possibility to illustrate the dynamic brilliance of the present moment. The stroke on the paper is likened to form and emptiness, or heaven and earth joining. Such a joining is the moment of grace when ink meets paper.

Together, through the clarity of tigse and the vibrancy of brushstroke, two potentials are being explored: Grace –the spontaneous expression of the brushstroke meeting the inherent integrity of the figure’s pure proportion and equilibrium — Precision.

An uncommon yet ordinary communion.