In this painting I have shown Prajnaparamita as a royal wisdom-mother, with her gaze slightly down and forward as if looking at her children in all world-systems while engaging in one of the traditional three aspects of wisdom, contemplating. This painting was inspired by an antique Japanese statue. Prajnaparamita’s attributes (holding the Heart Sutra and displaying a dorje scepter) were shown in the form of a Kyuan Yin figure, expressing the deep compassion of a universal mother. Seeing this wooden statue and recognizing the synchronicity of these two figures in one form, I composed this painting as the noble Prajnaparamita Contemplating, visually expressing the broad compassionate heart and unstained wisdom of awakened mind, shown through the feminine. Her primary attributes, both loving and precise, rest within a regal wisdom –a perpetual wisdom, or perfection of wisdom. Perpetual because, being beyond dependency on conditions or outcomes, it is penetratingly vibrant and continually engaging. Her countenance expresses the elegance, beauty and profundity of the Buddha’s realization, passed to generations through the Perfection of Wisdom sutras. It is a transmission into the nature of all arising and ceasing, into the nature of all phenomena and its exquisite inter-relational involvement, which is continuous and undeniable.
©c.moku 2017
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