Cynthia Moku


phase ii: Of Gestures and Games  

6×6’ black lacquer wood frame
35 painted 9×9” panels, gouache on paper
chalk on wood board with gold foil canopy

Years later, Phase II took shape, as a further exploration into the nature of groups and of people engaged in playing a game together. The emphasis became playing for the love of the activity itself. The being circles that had initially inspired me, moved into metaphor as the encircling of the game by its players.The 35 square paintings now illustrate the four main facets of the Turning the Wheel mudra: Touching (presence), Tending (caring), Training (discipline), Taming (confidence). All are distinct and esteemed gestures of enlightenment. A reflective gold foil canopy, suspended high above the Turning game board, mirrors the painted mudra panels and reflects the game being played.  Making gestures and playing games, these dual marks of human communication, now cover the Turning the Wheel artpiece. Turning, in its elaboration, has become more diverse

touching • tending • training • taming