As The Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has been giving the Kurukulla Sadhana empowerment on several occasions, I have been inspired to draw her iconography. A few months into the studies of her figure and dance posture, I mentioned to Rinpoche that I would like to paint her, and he replied with swift enthusiasm, “Yes, Do that”. I began, then put aside my drawings, in order to give full attention to other art pieces including the Imperial Rigden thangka painting, which was presented during Shambhala Day/Losar celebrations, in February 2016. Now that the Kurukulla painting is completed, my wish is that it will serve as a useful and inspiring image for all meditation practitioners of the Kurukulla sadhana, and in general evoke a sense of unmitigated wakefulness and compassion for all who see it. May all beings come to know the vibrancy and utter compassionate glow of innate goodness and enrichment.

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