Cynthia Moku


Flying White

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sumi & pastel, gold, silver, or copper on rice-papered canvas

text trails (detail)

“In heaven above and earth below, I alone am the Honored One”

(Shakyamuni Buddha’s first words at birth)

“…I alone am…”

With these early words, the Buddha already makes subtle reference to emptiness as space endowed within the deepest velvety night of our longing to connect -the velocity of our heart’s magma. To absorb and be absorbed, to radiate and reflect luminosity is our commitment. This uncompromising “emptiness” of all pri-mordial potential (dö mi ne) and emptiness of all current variety (natsok) is the feminine. It is She who is the Mistress of the World.

May we all enjoy this consummate gathering.

And so, this is the infamous mysterious truth, “Form is emptiness & emptiness is Form”. Another poetic reference to this eloquent truth is described as “Flying White”. It is the magical matrix of occurrence in every moment and in which we long to participate fully. Because the Awakened Ones in all times and in all dimensions know this pure vibrancy, it is not separate from their vital heart essence which when expressed reveals itself as pure loving kindness, joy compassion and equanimity.

There is a treasured syllable whispered from the Heart Sutra that sums this up succinctly.

To respectfully quote Prajnaparamita,
The Mother of all Buddhas,

“ AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… “
©cynthia moku