“Palden Rangjung”

Glorious Naturally Self-Arising

In this painting, the wisdom protector, Ekajati, is shown with Kuntuzangpo (Samantabhadra SKT) above in the sky. Their iconography represents pure simplicity within the dynamic potential of the basic space-like nature of mind/heart. Ekajati dwells in the unconditional totality of all-pervasive wisdom and compassion. She stands in the fearless advancing mountain pose within smoke-like clouds and orange flames. A white cloud floats around her dark blue body as her adornment, showing she dwells in the great expanse. She is both peaceful and powerfully vigorous in her countenance. Having destroyed any false sense of self-separation, she raises high the liberated heart of all beings. With a hundred iron wolves as her aides she is an “arrow of awareness” when mindfulness falters; a “torch of meditation” when overtaken by doubt; and a thunderous “great trumpet” sounding when confidence is lost. Below her multi-coloured lotus are offerings of the five sacred sense gateways, flanked by six turquoise jewels arranged atop an iron mountain.

quoted phrases from the Ekajati chant
written by the XI Trungpa Tulku, Chokyi Gyamtso
translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee