“Diamond Lady of the Turquoise Bell”

In the tradition of Himalayan Buddhist iconography, Dorje Yudrilma is the Protectoress of Mount Everest and a Long-life Awareness Goddess. She is sometimes associated with the famous 11th century poet-yogi, Milarepa.

Dorje Yudrilma rings a turquoise bell, the sound recalling extra-ordinary altruistic vision. In her right hand she holds the bud of a long-life plant, signifying the potent flowering of health and well-being for the entire planet, its cycling systems –all the earth’s inhabitants and environments. She rides a pregnant tigress. No obstacle can evade her wrathful clarity, nor conquer her intent to protect holders of the wisdom teachings.

His Eminence Namkai Drimed Rinpoche related a story of traveling with The Vidhyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1959 during their escape from Tibet, in which Trungpa Rinpoche kept an image of Dorje Yudrilma while making the arduous journey across the Himalayas to India.

The original painting is in a private collection, The Netherlands.

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