Cynthia Moku

Yeshe Tsogyal Princess

medium fine art print
11×14″ (28x36cm), colour on cloth
framed size: 18×21” (46x53cm)
print only: $235
print framed: $1,214

small fine art print
9×12″ (23x30cm), colour on cloth
framed size: 14×17” (36x43cm)
print only: $110
print framed: $966

card, printed both sides
8×8″ (20x20cm), colour

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The wisdom woman, Yeshe Tsogyal, embodies enlightened feminine principle with the resolve to liberate herself and all beings. Born during the 18th century in Tibet as a young princess, she became a meditation yogin and primary companion to Padmasambhava. She is renowned for her realization and revelations, inscribing and protecting numerous sacred teachings to be brought forth and taught appropriately in future times, when they would be most relevant to the needs of the times. Thus benefitting the world and all its inhabitants.