Cynthia Moku

Maitreya Buddha

small fine art print
9×13″ (23x33cm), colour on cloth
framed size 14×18” (36x46cm)

print framed with gold embellishment $1,077
print framed $967
print with gold embellishment $221
print only $110

card, printed both sides
8×8″ (20x20cm), colour $22

Larger sizes are available for temples and meditation halls.
Gold embellishment is is available for medium and small prints.

Each print will come with a signed Artist Statement.
See Purchase Guidelines for details.
Shipping fees will be determined upon receipt of order.
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Buddha of the coming aeon, Maitreya expresses enlightened immeasurable loving kindness through his peaceful gaze, elegant hand gestures, and hallowed implements – the golden wheel of dharma and the vase of wisdom and initiation. The rainbowed stupa near his feet represents the body of a Buddha. Enshrining relics and sacred substances, it signals that Maitreya will take his seat as successor to the Buddha Shakyamuni of our current age.