Welcoming in the New Year, I am delighted to introduce OHANA Fine Art Gallery featuring original works from three visual artists; Thomas Duane, Holly Ming & Sean Kaimana. These three young contemporary artists are my eldest son, daughter and youngest son. In the Hawaiian language the word for family is ohana. Yes. It is the family, with one more son Tashi, his creativity expressed through computer science and astronomy. And so, introducing: Tom, Holly & Sean with samples of their works shown on the banner above. OHANA GALLERY will feature original works from our ‘family of creatives’ with direct on-line purchasing and insured shipping.

Sean Kaimana, photography
          Silk curtain drawn across the doorway of a Japanese Buddhist Temple, entrance to the shrine hall in plum blossom design.
Thomas Duane, painting/drawing
          Charcoal sketches of Charlie Chaplain, emulating expressive moments of ordinary experience.
Holly Ming, painting/photography
          The Structure of Beauty, painting on screened black/white photograph.
Cynthia Moku, painting/drawing
          From the Pilgrimage Series : Stupa Medallions, Buddha’s Parinirvana.

This season is also featuring two new prints available in the traditional & contemporary Moku Studios Print Sales Gallery,
Prajnaparamita Contemplating : Wisdom Women Series
Flying White Phase One : Luminous Domes