Confluence: the meeting of two or more streams<>Reconnaissance: an exploration to gather information<>Pilgrimage: a sacred journey.

vernal 2017

             This spring’s blog banner was designed to signal two current and inter-related projects.
Firstly, the upcoming Pilgrimage reconnaissance Journey marking and documenting the Dakini Map route with its sacred architecture, related artwork and dharma communities. And secondly, an introduction to the recently incorporated organization, Lhadrima Foundation, created to support the arts. Click on the name to read more about Lhadrima’s vision, current art projects and funding opportunities.

Shown on the HOME page is the new Ekajati thangka painting with prints available through the print sales gallery. Along with the Kurukulla thangka, these two paintings are part of an ongoing series illustrating various female enlightened figures of the Buddhist/Shambhala tradition. Other images will be coming forth, including Machig Labdron and Prajnaparamita.