Lhadrima Foundation

Connecting Wisdom Traditions and Communities through the Arts

In acknowledging the enduring influence of works of art that inspire and uphold universal values of socially just and environmentally constructive living, Lhadrima Foundation has been formed to support the creation, preservation, exhibition, as well as education of works of art that promote the motivating core values of peace, goodwill, and non-violence, hallmarked in Buddhist philosophy and the creative arts as agents of beneficence in the modern world.

Along with the Board of Directors, Advisors and Staff, it is my pleasure as Founder and Creative Director of Lhadrima Foundation, to welcome you to read about the current array of projects that the Foundation is committed to supporting. Through financial contributions to Lhadrima Foundation’s mission, you will be investing in the following art projects and mentor/scholarship opportunities. Donations to Lhadrima Foundation are tax-deductible.

Click on the links below for information on each project.

   < the Pilgrimage reconnaissance journey >
   < mentor scholarship for Indelible Presence May retreats @ SMC >

cm with body brush
Lhadrima = painter of the sublime and enduring virtues of wakefulness