lhadrima foundation

lhadrima foundation

Statement of Purpose and Direction

Lhadrima Foundation acknowledges the enduring influence of works of art that distinguish and uphold the advancement of socially just and environmentally constructive living. Hallmarked in Buddhist philosophy and the creative arts as agents of beneficence in the modern world.

May Bodhicitta, the noble heart of goodness, precious & sublime

In so doing, Lhadrima Foundation supports the creation, exhibition and preservation of, as well as education related to Buddhist-based artworks that promote the motivating core values of peace, goodwill, and non-violence, by and in collaboration with master painter and teacher, Cynthia Moku.

arise where it has not yet come to be, and where it has arisen may it never fail

Lhadrima Foundation will maintain its collaborative intentions for creative interface and shared economic values by networking with organizations fostering similar standards of governance and altruistic aims.

to grow and flourish ever more and more.

excerpt from, The Bodhicharyavittara