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spring/summer 2017


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The following list briefly details four projects cynthia moku is engaged in, with links giving more information and images connected to them. Contributions through Lhadrima Foundation will serve to bring these artworks and mentor/scholarship opportunities to fruition. Donations made to Lhadrima Foundation are tax-deductible. Please email if you have questions, or for more information on certain projects.

< seminal paintings for the international Shambhala practice community >

At the request of the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, in continuing the array of paintings for the Shambhala practice community (the Primordial Rigden, Imperial Rigden, Shiwa Okar, Yeshe Tsogyal, so on), I am currently working on a painting for a central practice given by the Sakyong to all Shambhala students. Contributions will help to ensure its timely completion and the continuation of future paintings.
See more traditional work

< the pilgrimage reconnaissance journey >

This art project incorporates a spring collaborative journey, documenting the major public stupas and temples along the Rocky Mountain chain from north-central New Mexico to northern Colorado. Photographing and filming the architecture, sculpture, gardens and interior murals, of these sacred monuments, along with interviewing the communities that have constructed them and continue to maintain, develop, and offer public programs and meditation retreat environments at these pilgrimage places. Contributions will help cover basic travel and documentation expenses.

As part of Lhadrima Foundation’s shared-investment economic values (see LF statement of purpose), 5% of your donation will be included in offerings to four main pilgrimage sites: Sante Fe, Questa & SMC Stupas, and the Sang-Do-Palri Temple, Crestone CO.
See the dakini map

< large thangka painting for the Dharmata Foundation practice community >

cm drawing

Recently, Anam Thubten Rinpoche asked me to paint a large thangka for his Dharmata Foundation Centers world-wide. This piece will include a golden Shakyamuni Buddha with Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal. As with the artworks I have done for The Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, I am deeply touched by Anam Thubten Rinpoche’s request and grateful for the opportunity to work with him in this way. Contributions will support the initial phase of preliminary drawings which I will go over with Anama Thubten Rinpoche prior to preparing the canvas for painting.

< mentor/scholarship for Indelible Presence May retreats @ SMC >

A mentor/scholarship opportunity through the Foundation to participate in and assist me with the Indelible Presence brushwork in the annual May reteats at SMC: “Touching the Moment” & “Taming the Wild Horse”.
See more about these retreats

There is more to come.
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