Being an explorer, an appreciator, an educator, a traveler, an observer, a student forevermore

LHA BANNERS for Bugaku Performance “Epic of Lha” | Kalapa Assembly Celebration
sumi ink & acrylic on raw canvas

I choose
symbolic language
to express
my discoveries
my inquiries
my adherence
to wonderment

I find that colour, shape, texture, line — these animated tonal qualities of light — are latent composition rendered through years of training. Impervious to decay or the capricious migration of time, they are closer to reality than reality itself, and capable of expressing time-honored truths. Having trained in both contemporary western drawing & painting, and traditional eastern Buddhist art, my artwork is multidimensional and multicultural, with certain bodies of work intended for interactive group participation. At the confluence of these two streams I sit: exploring, redefining, and celebrating the shared edge between Buddhist philosophy & receptivity and current western thought & responsiveness.

I invite you to look at these selections from my work.