vernal/spring 2015

The painting in the banner above, “Nests II” is from the series, mObO Mountain. It is shown centered in a cluster of birds hopping about on the crust of spring snow covering an herb garden. Still in it’s hibernation, the seeds are germinating underground. Such is spring’s thaw.
Paging through NESTS, featuring Sharon Beals’ gorgeous photographs of 50 nests and the birds that built them, has me contemplating incubation & germination, and works-in-progress. These are the messengers, the envoys inhabiting my studio during this vernal season of spring –illusive and unpredictable.
In literature, envoy can be the signal of the final summation of a novel or epic poem. In my studio, it is the sense of a dedication coming, along with an aspiration –a springing forth. This is a place of summation of the lunar year’s work. Likewise, it is a place of empty-fullness, at the threshold of the arrival of spring. It is a lure, a turning, into new areas of contemplation and creative activity.

In PORTFOLIO/Contemporary, you will find three paintings from the series, Buddha Fields. Extended fields of awareness…with excerpts from a lecture given many years ago, on the iconography of the buddha figure, “Tracing the Image of the Buddha”.

In PORTFOLIO/Traditional, are a selection of preliminary drawings from the past winter-retreat –sketches & studies done towards the completion of the Imperial Rigden thangka painting.

nests, envoys, germination…