hibernal/winter 2014

becoming familiar with…
Hibernal: pertaining to a place of retreat and incubation. Acclimation: becoming familiar with, to become attuned.

The drawing in the BLOG banner above, “Blue Warrior”, is a study from the Imperial Rigden painting project. It is shown within the background of the eastern sky above a frozen lake, passed along a favorite walk of mine in the pre-dawn winter light.

This is the time of early morning when our planet’s mother star, the Sun, shows its fiery power through the veil of a thin, elusive yet protective atmosphere. The stark horizontal angle of the Sun’s light, rapidly crossing the landscape creates coral, pink and saffron-coloured hues, momentarily etched through a softly blue-ing sky. Matched with the silence of deep night beginning to stir into wakefulness and daytime’s endless pursuits, these moments of the Sun appearing above earth’s horizon offer a brilliant feast of reflective light and profound beauty –available for witnessing every single morning.

In portfolio/contemporary, you will find a new addition: seven paintings from the Skydancer Series, of which four are available as edition prints in the print sales gallery, with a framed option shown in the purchase guidelines.

Shown in the portfolio/traditional section, is a scroll painting (thangka painting) of the protector, Dorje Phurba (Vajrakilaya). Displaying a vibrant wrathful-compassion, this warrior-buddha signifies the powerful clarity of compassionate and deliberate wakefulness. Such fiery deep-night expressive power is visibly presented in this traditional Buddhist iconography, inhabiting the deepest and most expansive field of awareness and compassion inherent to each of us. An inscrutable non-violence that cannot be approached merely conceptually, its laser-like blaze arises only from within a deeply refined compassion, understanding and intention. Fine art prints of this thangka painting can be ordered through the print sales gallery, with a framed option shown in the purchase guidelines.

Also, a few of the studies I have drawn for the Imperial Rigden scroll painting, have been added to portfolio/traditional/drawings for viewing.

Presented on the HOME page is Snow Ladder, an environment piece from an Indelible Presence Brush Session at the “Touching the Moment Meditation Retreat”, May 2014.

Vibrant winter skies, wings in flight, luster & inscrutable elegance.
Working in my winter studio is a time of becoming familiar with…