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The brush is likened to a sword.
When the brush moves across the paper
–and the resulting stroke brings life to the space of the paper–
they say, “flying white” has occurred.

Kindness and caring are our greatest weapons.

“An object used to dismantle an obstacle” is the root meaning of the word weapon.

Thus, the intended significance of this definition is in the word, obstacle. These Buddhist iconographic symbols point to the dismantling of harmful damaging intentions − obstacles such as hatred, greed, arrogance, jealousy. Antidotes to these obstacles are symbolized as crystal mirrors, flaming jewels, lotus blossoms & chrysanthemums, swords & thunderbolts. They represent compassionate responsive qualities such as kindness, generosity, empathy & joy. The hand gestures holding these weapons of inner liberation, exhibit a fluid balance, a dynamic stillness. They are, in visual language, expressing the grace and elegance of an intended compassionate deed − born from a boundless zest and unfathomable love for life in all of its’ natural glorious array.

These are the weapons of massive compassion.