estival 2017

The condition of being placed one thing next to another, eliciting the effect of association. The banners in this website play with close-visual-association, grouping imagery and inviting linkage which contains longing and mystery. Our ideas and insights, associated, bring confirmation to our experiences and validate meaning in them. Then, when we associate with one another, engendering community, there is the possibility of a more rich and full inquiry.

Summer additions to the website include: 1. New work from the Wisdom Women Series: Machik Lapdron 2. Podcast interview w/Kaitlyn Hatch, “Everything is Workable: On Creativity” 3. June’s AnOAn magazine, on the merits of the Artist’s sketchbook by Joan Anderson and the “Team Play” collaborators. A page from my sketchbook of the antelope herd that leaped along a magnificent mountain ridge during the first Pilgrimage Series: Dakini Map journey is shown on the HOME page as part of the team play collaboration. More sketches are shown in the AnOAn magazine’s summer issue. 4. Excerpts from the letter to participants of the April Pilgrimage reconnaissance Journey, “When Snow Falls Like This.”

At the top of this page, the BLOG banner juxtaposition has three components: 1. Paper Tree Bark, Maui HI art residency. 2. Silhouettes from the Dakini Retinue Series. Back-lit cameos of my initial drawings for the protector murals, entrance to the second floor shrines, Shambhala Mountain Center stupa. 3. Final arrangement from the group environmental-performance art pieces, done at this May’s IP meditation retreats with the composite aspiration:

May all beings in our world be free of suffering and come to know peace.