autumnal/fall 2014

With this writing, work for my new website is occurring. It is a beautiful time of year, seasonally. Living in Colorado, the change of aspen leaves to a golden vibrancy framed by the perennial deep blue-green shades of pine forests, is an annual favored event. As I look out the window, several gold and orange leaves twirl to the ground in sync with the unreservedly simple notes of the piano I play.

Listed in the credits and resources pages, are people who have contributed to this site’s development and construction. I would like to particularly mention the site designer that I have been working with, Ms. Rhonda Reno of chaos.ranch design. I recommend her technical capacity and artful skill to anyone ready to create a new website. I would also like to acknowledge my four adult children, Tom, Holly, Tashi & Sean, for their artistic talents and encouragement shared throughout the entire process of developing this site.

This is my first website to show paintings and drawings from both traditional and contemporary works, as I call them. The Print Sales Gallery offers reproductions from three bodies of contemporary works: Open Fields, Stupa Portraits, and Mudra Tiles. The traditional thangka paintings will have two new additions appearing later this winter -Kurukulla and Vajrakilaya.

Also, for the first time, you can see selected images from the Indelible Presence brush sessions I lead, held within two annual meditation retreats at Shambhala Mountain Center. These consecutive retreats provide an opportunity for five days each, of meditation practice with daily periods of Hatha Yoga & Qigong exercise. Both retreats are headed and skillfully guided by my longtime friend and colleague, Acharya Dale Asrael.

I will post a web log seasonally, the next in December, along with new artworks for viewing, and upcoming events. Seasonality –marking the vernal (spring), estival (summer), autumnal (autumn), and hibernal (winter) phases– will allow for periods in-between, of retreat into the studio -literally and figuratively.

So, there is more to come at the beginning of the hibernal winter “season of white”
                                –well known to the Rocky Mountains with its snow, crisp air, and more solitary times.

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